Virtual Classrooms

Effortless Integration for Students in SCL

Seamless Virtual Classrooms

SCL is founded upon cutting-edge technology that incorporates built-in virtual classrooms. This integration ensures a seamless experience within the application, making it effortless for even very young students with access to a smartphone to join their teachers with a single click, without any complexities.

Live Interaction

Virtual classrooms enable live communication between instructors and learners through various tools, such as video conferencing, chat, and audio communication. This fosters real-time interaction and immediate feedback.

Collaborative Learning

Learners can collaborate with each other, participate in group discussions, and work on projects together, enhancing peer-to-peer learning and teamwork.

Screen Sharing and Presentation

Instructors can share their screens to deliver presentations, showcase multimedia content, or demonstrate applications, making the learning experience more engaging.

Interactive Whiteboards

Virtual classrooms often include interactive whiteboards, allowing instructors to write, draw, or annotate content, similar to a physical whiteboard.

Polls and Quizzes

Instructors can conduct instant polls and quizzes to gauge learners' understanding and gather real-time feedback.

Recording and Playback

Sessions in virtual classrooms can be recorded for future reference or for learners who may have missed the live session. These recordings can be accessed later in SCL.

Watching Videos

Enjoy a seamless experience of co-watching YouTube videos or other streaming services within the SCL Virtual Classroom, with the presenter having full control over the content.

Effortless Attendance

The SCL virtual classroom automates the attendance-taking process for learners, allowing instructors to concentrate solely on teaching without the need to manually manage attendance records.