Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered Features for Personalised and Efficient Teaching & Management

SCL Artificial Intelligence

AI enhance SCL through various features, enhancing the teaching and management experience by making it more personalized, efficient, and effective.

Predictive Learning Path Analysis

Utilizes AI algorithms to analyse and predict individual students' learning paths, facilitating adaptive teaching strategies and personalised educational journeys.

Automated Assignment Building

Streamlines the assignment creation process by leveraging AI to compile and structure assignments based on learning objectives.

Auto-Correction and Grading

Enables automatic correction and grading of text-based submissions, providing instant feedback to students and saving educators valuable time.

Detection of AI-Submitted Assignments

Implements mechanisms to identify assignments generated or completed using AI tools, ensuring academic integrity and authenticity.

AI-Assisted Academic Reporting

Empowers teachers to generate comprehensive academic reports with the assistance of AI, ensuring efficient and accurate assessment of student performance and progress.

Moderation and Analysis

Employs AI for real-time moderation and analysis of user activities, aiding in the identification and reduction of school policy violations and errors.

Enhanced Communication

Facilitates effortless communication with parents and students by simplifying the creation and enhancement of messages, fostering stronger home-school connections.

Adaptive In-house LLM and ML Models

Integrates a multitude of adaptive in-house Language Model (LLM) and Machine Learning (ML) models, offering a diverse range of functionalities that significantly ease SCL management and teaching tasks. These models enhance overall system capabilities for both management and teachers, providing advanced features and continuous improvements.