Behaviour Management

Foster Positive Behavior

Empowering Schools with Behavior Management

Promote a positive learning environment with our behavior module integrated into SCL. Efficiently track student behavior, encourage positive conduct through rewards, and make data-driven decisions to foster a safe and supportive school culture. Enhance parental involvement and ensure timely interventions for improved student well-being and academic success

Student Behavior Tracking

SCL allows teachers and staff to record and track students' behavior on a daily basis. This can include positive behaviors like participation, punctuality, and helpfulness, as well as negative behaviors such as misconduct, tardiness, or disobedience.

Behavior Categories

SCL provide predefined behavior categories and allow schools to customize their own behavior categories based on their specific requirements. This helps in categorizing and analyzing behavior data effectively.

Points and Rewards

Schools can use a points-based system to reward positive behaviors. Students can earn points for exhibiting good behavior, and these points can be accumulated to earn rewards or privileges.

Behavior Reports

SCL generates behavior reports for individual students or groups, allowing teachers and administrators to monitor trends, identify issues, and devise appropriate interventions.

Incident Management

SCL enables the recording of behavioral incidents, including the details of the incident, the students involved, and any actions taken. This helps in maintaining a record of disciplinary actions and interventions.

Parent Communication

SCL have feature to notify parents or guardians about their child's behavior, both positive and negative. This promotes transparency and encourages parental involvement.