Student Information System

Efficient Student Management

Empowering Education with Comprehensive Features in a Student Information System

In SCL, the student information system is a critical component that encompasses various features to efficiently manage and organize student-related data and activities.

Student Information and Profiles

SCL maintains comprehensive profiles for each student, containing personal information, contact details, emergency contacts, and demographic data.

Course Registration

Students can register for courses directly through SCL, and administrators can monitor course availability and student enrollment status.

Academic Records

SCL records and manages academic history, including courses taken, grades, GPA, and academic achievements.

Attendance Tracking

The system tracks student attendance, enabling teachers and administrators to monitor attendance patterns and identify any issues promptly.

Assessment and Grading

SCL allows teachers to record assessments and grade student assignments, exams, and projects. It calculates cumulative grades and generates report cards.

Extracurricular Activities

SCL keeps a record of students' involvement in extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports. It helps track students' interests and engagement beyond academics.

Behavior and Discipline

Student behavior and discipline records can be documented and tracked, helping maintain a safe and orderly learning environment.

Health Records

SCL have a section for recording and managing student health information, including immunization records and allergies.

Parent Portal

SCL includes a parent portal that allows parents/guardians to access their child's academic progress, attendance, and communication from the school.

Reporting and Analytics

SCL provides reporting and analytics tools to analyze student data, identify trends, and generate various reports for administrators, teachers, and parents.

Graduation and Transcripts

SCL assists in managing graduation requirements, generating transcripts, and tracking progress towards graduation.

Document Management

SCL provides a comprehensive document management solution for handling a wide range of student-related documents, including consent forms, transcripts, certificates, and essential documents required during the admission process.

Effortless Student ID Generation

SCL Student ID Generator simplifies the process of creating and printing school IDs for all students with just a single click. It automatically populates student information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With this feature, schools can save time and resources, printing ID cards for the entire student body effortlessly.


SCL offers transportation information. This module seamlessly links transportation details with the billing system, making it convenient for schools to manage and bill transportation services efficiently, along with a user-friendly listing of each student's assigned bus.