Communication & Collaboration

Seamless Communication

Enhancing Engagement and Collaboration with SCL

Sending newsletters through SCL between school and parents/students. It saves time and effort, ensures targeted delivery, and enhances engagement, creating a more connected and informed educational community.

Messaging and Notifications

SCL provides an internal messaging system to facilitate direct communication between students, teachers, and other users. Notifications keep users informed about school updates, assignment deadlines, and important announcements.

Peer Assessment and Feedback

SCL include tools for peer assessment, where teachers and students can provide feedback on each other's work, promoting a constructive learning environment.

Calendar and Events

SCL calendar helps users stay organized by displaying course-related events, due dates, and other important milestones.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classroom features allow instructors to conduct live online classes with interactive elements, fostering engagement and real-time interaction.

Private Storage

SCL provides secure storage with the option to share specific materials with students and parents. Educators can also track students' reading time and file access, enhancing personalized learning and support.

Weekly Bulletin

SCL's weekly bulletin offers an interactive platform for students and parents to track assignments, lesson plans, announcements, and events all in one place. It enhances communication and collaboration, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Newsletter, Group Messages

Using SCL, educators or administrators can create newsletters easily. They can include text, voice clips, images, links, and other media to make the newsletter engaging and informative.

Newsletter Scheduling

Administrators can schedule the newsletter to be sent at a specific date and time, which is convenient for planning ahead and coordinating with important events or announcements.

Read Receipts

SCL provides read receipts for newsletters and private messages, allowing educators and administrators to see who has opened and read the messages. This feature enables them to gauge the effectiveness of their communication and identify the recipients who might need follow-up or additional support.

Message Recall

In case of any critical updates or corrections needed in a newsletter, SCL offer a message recall feature. This allows the sender to retract the original message before recipients have a chance to read it, ensuring timely and accurate information dissemination.