Users & Groups

Empowering Learning Management with ACL in SCL

Secure Access Control

Access Control List is a fundamental security mechanism that allows administrators to define and manage user permissions and access rights within SCL. It ensures that users have appropriate access to the resources they need while protecting sensitive data and ensuring a smooth user experience.

User Roles

SCL assigns specific user roles to individuals, such as administrators, teachers, students, and parent. Each role comes with a predefined set of permissions that dictate what actions and features the users with that role can access.

Granular Permissions

ACL provides granular control over what users can do within SCL. For example, administrators can specify whether teachers can create assignments, students can access certain content.

Role-Based Access Control

SCL allows administrators to group users into roles based on their responsibilities and then assign permissions to those roles.

Security and Data Protection

ACL ensures that sensitive information and functionalities are accessible only to authorized users. This helps protect the integrity and confidentiality of data within SCL.


SCL allows administrators to customize access rights based on the unique needs of their institution or organization. They can create custom roles and tailor permissions to suit their specific requirements

Auditing and Compliance

SCL helps track user actions within the platform, which is useful for auditing purposes and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.