Admission and Enrollment

The Impact of Online Admission in Modern Schools

SCL online admission has transformed schools, streamlining the process, reducing paperwork, and enhancing parent satisfaction. The seamless integration with SIS ensures efficiency, while customization tailors the experience. Embracing technology fosters growth and a positive image, propelling schools towards a brighter future.

Online Application Form

Provide a user-friendly online application form for parents and students to submit admission requests electronically.

Application Status Tracking

Enable applicants and parents to track the status of their admission application in real-time.

Automated Eligibility Check

Automatically verify applicants' eligibility based on defined admission criteria, reducing manual intervention.

Customizable Application Forms

Customize admission application forms to gather specific information based on the school's requirements.

Admission Enquiry Management

Track and manage admission inquiries from prospective parents and students.

Seamless Admissions Integration

Seamlessly transfer admitted students to SCL information to the Student Information System upon enrollment.

Interview Scheduling

Automate the scheduling of admission interviews or assessments based on available slots.

Waitlist Management

Maintain a waitlist for students who meet admission criteria but cannot be immediately enrolled due to seat availability.

Data Entry Automation

SCL automates data entry during the admission process. Information entered by parents during the application is directly captured and stored within the system, eliminating the need for manual data entry by administrative staff.

Single-Click Enrollment

With just a single click, administrators can enroll admitted students and their parents into the SCL platform, making the process quick and efficient.

Multi-Language Support

Provide multi-language support for admission forms to accommodate international students or diverse communities.

Mobile-Friendly Application

Ensure that the admission application process is optimized for mobile devices for convenient access.