Summary of New Features in SCL 2024.1 Update

Exciting New Features

SCL version 2024.1

Configurable Attendance Days

Set possible attendance days in 'School > Year Settings' for future attendance assignments and comprehensive student attendance reports.

AI Detection for Answers

Automatically detect AI-generated answers, with notifications sent to teachers and the option to disable these notifications.

Similarity Detection Update

Get notified about similarities in student submissions with an option to disable these alerts.

Moments Improvements

  • Improved Pagination: The Moments Upload Center now displays up to 15 items per page, ensuring a faster and more efficient upload experience.
  • Faster Uploading: Experience a reduction in upload times.

Progress Report Enhancements

  • Flexible Column and Value Settings: Customize columns and values for each school division, with backward compatibility.
  • Soft Delete Functionality: Manage progress report columns and values more effectively.

Newsletter Module Update

  • Enhanced Distribution: Now send newsletters directly to teachers and their Heads of Departments.
  • AI-Powered Newsletter Creation: Generate single or mass newsletter messages using AI.

Report Card Template Additions

  • Progress Report Integration: Incorporate progress reports into report card templates.
  • New British Templates: Two new templates based on the progress report.
  • Academic Period Flexibility: List subjects in report cards even with an empty gradebook.

Introducing SCL Connect

  • Mandatory EULA Acceptance: Administrators must accept SCL Connect terms to activate the AI Assistant.
  • SCL Pairing for Teacher Assistance: Prepare for future updates by pairing school divisions, educational levels, and subjects.

AI Assistant for Teachers and Staff

  • Diverse Capabilities: Compose, summarize, rephrase, and improve texts. AI can also generate messages based on conversations.
  • Interactive Assignment Builder: Easily create MCQs or True/False assignments with customizable question numbers and multiple-choice options.

Additional Updates

  • Enhanced Skills Assessments Rubrics: Additional descriptions for a more detailed assessment.
  • Improved Menu Search: Quicker access to SCL features with intelligent search results.
  • Assignment Review Improvements: Reset assignments for all students and display student statuses.
  • Customizable Homeroom Teacher Comments: Tailor comments based on the educational level in skills assessments reports.
  • Sibling Report Feature: New report type available under Parent Reports.
  • Admission Advertising Tracking: Track the origin of applicants from platforms like Facebook or Google, and differentiate between organic and paid sources.