CleoLMS Enrollment

Free Access to High-Quality Education for All

Introducing CleoLMS

We are thrilled to introduce CleoLMS, a lite version of our comprehensive SCL, offered entirely free of charge as part of our commitment to the public good. With CleoLMS, our goal is to democratize education and make high-quality online learning accessible to all. Educational institutions and learners, especially those in underserved communities, can now benefit from this user-friendly and feature-rich LMS without any financial burden. CleoLMS may be a lite version, but it still provides powerful tools for educators to create engaging courses, manage student progress, and facilitate seamless communication. By offering CleoLMS for free, we hope to empower educators and students to embrace digital learning, bridge educational gaps, and foster an inclusive environment that ensures every learner has the opportunity to thrive academically. At CleoLMS, we are dedicated to supporting the public good and contributing to a brighter future where education knows no bounds.