Release Date 04-05-2021

this is a complimentary update for SCL 4.7 and includes some stability and mobile application features.

  • Mobile Application
    • Introducing dark theme and the ability to switch between dark and light skin
    • Messages seen icon is now clickable to show more information about when the message seen
    • Added Notifications Tab to Mobile Application with full functionality as in web version
    • Added Sidemenu
      • Accounts
      • School Calendar
      • Applying to Admission
      • SCL Web
      • Account Logout & more
    • UI/UX Improvements
    • Performance Improvements
  • Added Created Assignments report to show each teacher number of assignment creation for the current academic year, available for Administrators & Head of Departments
  • Added Print, Sorting & Ability to change the displaying rows in the new reworked CRUD Display which is used in Admission, Users Logs, and some other reports
  • SCL Crud now is accepting mathematical operators in the search such as larger than >, less than < & larger/less than and equal >=, ⇐
  • Supporting Soft delete for School Division, Grades & Classrooms
  • Fixed clicking on URL in private messages was not function correctly and may open hundreds of tabs in latest chrome update
  • Adjusting Users logs to be ordered by newest to oldest
  • Fixed Users logs wasn't showing the system logs
  • Added Assignment submission to Users logs
  • Fixed Users logs cannot search by the system
  • Added Include & Exclude Assignment actions to users logs
  • Compressing and resizes uploaded images toward any Text editor to be resized to a maximum size of 1.5 Mb or/and maximum height/width: 1392 which will improve very signification the loading speed of big images
  • Improved New Marking feedback and detect if there only changes to send the New Marking feedback notification
  • Database Optimization to reduce the page load of Assignments List and Parent, Student & Teacher dashboard
  • Fixed Pagination in Student Interactive Assignment to be more responsive in mobile view
  • Fixed Potential assignment points sometimes return incorrect value