You can easily build your own Interactive Assignment which could be Quiz, Exam or even Project or homework Submission or even a long or short essay on a certain topic of your choice.

Questions which support Autocorrect

Question Type Support Autocorrect
Multiple choice Yes
Multiple response Yes
True/False Yes
Fill The Blank Yes
Text No
File No

In Interactive Assignment, Teachers can easily create Student Assignment Submission and even let SCL Autocorrection to handle the Gradebook Scores after student submitted their Assignment.

Question Type Description
Multiple choices Multiple choice questions where Student can have a Single choice answer
Multiple responses Student can have more than one answer, the point student get is divided on the number of correct answers their picked
True/False True and False is a Quick Template based on Multiple Choice Question type but is add Option True and False instead
Fill the blank Fill the blank support similarity and multi answers in same question
Text Student can write a text where can be limited by minimum and maximum characters or no limits
File Student can upload any type of a single file to you