SCL Support The following curriculum Report cards

  • American
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Percantage Scoring (such as National Egyptian curriculum)

Also, SCL is Capable to include any or all of the following in your School Report card

  • GPA
  • Grade Scale
  • Grade Descriptor/Effort
  • Teacher Comment Per Subject
  • Teacher Comment Per Class

From Report Card ยป Templates Management You can set for each School Grade/Level a report card template which based on Grade's School Division Report card type.

Here's under a sample of Available Templates

American Reportcard Templates

Template Name Features
K12 Default Default American Report-card Table
K12 Default - No GPA In Quarters Default American Report-card Table with GPA Showing Only By End of Semesters and Final
K12 With Cover Page & Comment K12 with General Comment & Social Development Table + Cover Page