Release Date 01-01-2020

SCL 4.2X will target on resolving Important Issues which is caused by third parties

  • Push Notification which is not received by many of in Egypt users due to ISP in Egypt are blocking OneSignal
  • Fixing iOS issue when Mobile is out of memory iOS starting clear Application Login Information randomly (localstorage)
  • New School Report which compares Certain subject at specific Grade with the previous Academic Years
  • Left Search has been improved to be Categorized Live Search
    • Admission
    • Student Information System
    • Parent
  • Created Sqlite fallback for iOS to handle the issue of iOS deletion user data from localStorage when memory is full
  • Created Christmas theme for SCL Mobile app (official only)
  • Now you can send to Teachers Group a Newsletter based on their School Grades
  • Added Egyptian (National) Reportcard Type & Created Default Reportcard Template for it

  • Missing marks excluded unpublished assignments from its report
  • Fixed Gradebook Issue when Quarter is set, is shown as read-only
  • Fixed Major conflict with Mobile Force Update not working with certain modules