Release Date 03-12-2020

  • rework & improvements of the Push Notification Registration on Mobile App
  • Fixed where Teachers cant get Parent information
  • Fixed where cant use decimal in Gradebook (Next Theme Only)
  • Fixed Permission with Send to all (Newsletter)
  • Fixed Issue with Next Gradebook theme not accepting the letters
  • Fixed Issue with Missing Marks showing all Teachers Courses instead of HOD and Their Courses Only
  • Fixed Correct Answer wasn't saving along with some minor fixes in Interactive Assignment
  • Fixed Skills Assessment Print
  • Removed 'Please Wait' from Loading Screen
  • Preventing opening Promoting Year if they are any Active Quarters

Patch 1 (3rd Dec 19)

  • Reloading Attendance list after taking it from Student Information
  • Fixed where non-absences didn't appear if there are no registered absences

Patch 2 (5th Dec 19)

  • Fixed Issue where Unread messages were incorrectly showing all unread messages of all teachers