Release Date 06-10-2019

  • Added New Automation Function for First Use of SCL
    • Generate Student Code for Student has no Code
    • Generate Classrooms for First use if Grade has no Classes with Class Promotion
    • Adjust Student Sibling, Student Family names must be the same
  • Added Priority to School Division and Now School Division are ordering by Priority then Name
  • Added Display name in Year Settings to show in Report cards and Gradebook instead of Quarter Name which will be used for management
  • Added New Feature Skills Assessment (Very improved edition of previous basic Progress Report)
    • HOD can Add, Edit, Delete Assessments Categories of their assigned subjects for selected Quarters
    • HOD can Add, Edit, Delete Assessment Skills of their assigned subjects
    • Customizable Rubrics
    • Teacher can Access Skills Assessments from Teachers Group Quick Action
    • On the Fly Updating or Inserting Student Skill Rubric
    • Ability for Parent to View Skills Assessments
    • Settings Control in System Settings to Enable/Disable Skills Assessments for Parent
    • HOD Can review the teacher's Skills Assessments Entries
    • Supporting Multi-School Division
  • Admission New Tool has been added to mass change applicants status, academic year called “Applicants Bulk Modifier”
  • Added New Daily Cron Tool to Update Parent Account Full name to Father Name, to enable check System Settings » General
  • Admission can now also send SMS message with account login to parent on student Enrolling
  • Uncreated Assignments in Grading Categories (Missing Grading Categories) has the following features
    • Gradebook Warnings Indicators in Quarters Dropdown Menu with Number of Missing Grading Categories for Each Quarter/Term
    • Settings Control for Teacher to turn the Warnings off from the Gradebook Preferences
    • Compatibility with both Gradebook Theme (Legacy, Next)
    • Reports
      • Teacher can see Missing Grading Categories for all their Active Teachers Group which had at least one created assignment
      • HOD can see the Missing Grading Categories of its own groups and the teacher which coordinate
  • Year Promoting Updates & Improvements
    • Reconstruct the functionality of Year Promoting to be faster for future update uses
    • Added Cloning HOD to Year Promoting
    • Added Cloning Scope & Sequence to Year Promoting
    • Added Cloning Skills Assessments to Year Promoting
  • HOD can now use Group Messages of each of Teachers Group under Coordinator List
  • SCL Mobile Updates
    • Showing Student Code in Parent Dashboard next to Grade & Class Name
    • Added Password Recovery Button on Login Screen
    • Removed Update Button from Account, now Updating User Full Name or Email is on the fly
    • Added Confirmation Popup on Enrolling to Activity
    • Added Rate App button at the footer of Account Tab
    • Added Feedback button at the footer of Account Tab to report bug or suggestions
    • Added Admission Button at the App Login
    • New Splash & Login Screens
    • Improved Attachments Listing and now showing File Size & Thumbnail
    • Skills Assessments Full Functionality can be accessed from Students or Parent
  • Added New Report for Students Active Accounts
  • Parent Can Access Current Academic Year Reportcard of their children, to enable this feature go to System Settings » Security
  • Interactive Assignments (Improvements)
    • On Add/Delete New Answer is Goes to the Question instead of being of Top Page
    • Question Points, Priority, Body, Min Chars & Max Chars are now saved on any changes detect without submit
    • Answer Title & Correct or Not are also saved if has any changes detected
  • Added Student Control in System Settings » Security
    • Added Ability to Show Reportcard to Student
    • Added Ability to Show Skills Assessments to Student

  • Fixed bug where when a student has no class is doesn't show on Student Area
  • Showing Add User in All Users even if Account has reached maximum capacity in License
  • Showing Legacy Students Management in Students Quick Action bar
  • Create New Assignment - Notify Students with New Assignment Checkbox is now off by default
  • Introducing Soft Delete Functionality for Skills Assessments and will cover the rest of SCL within next versions
  • Email Log UI has been converted to reactJS CRUD Template for better UX
  • Changes Gradebook Quarters from Buttons to Dropdown menu to fix the fit of small screens and a lot of Quarters
  • Simplified Missing Gradebook Scores Report by dropping details by the following
    • Removed Assignments Details under each Teacher Group
    • Removed Due Date
    • Updated Quarter Name to Quarter Display Name
    • Using Default SCL Datatable Theme
  • Increasing Excell Exporting from Datatables from 1000 to 10000 rows until we replace the excel Library within our future update
  • UX Improvements Interactive Assignment when creating/deleting Answer is redirecting you to the same question instead of top again
  • Added License Refresh in About Product
  • Fixed Problem with HOD where is read-only if Their Teacher Group become under Coordinator List
  • Fixed Duplication of Teacher Group in their Teaching List & Coordinator List
  • Improved HOD Teachers Group Sorting to Be By Grade Priority, Grade Name, Class Name then Group Name
  • Added Error Handler when on Add & Drop they are no changes in Courses
  • Added Removing Incorrect Contacts to Daily Cron should be Removed in version 4.2
  • When removing Parent User is now deleting its contacts
  • Added Validation in Year Promoting to make sure Academic year entered is Unique
  • Added in System settings if system detect created quarters is going to be Dropdown menu instead of Input
  • Added Teachers Group Priority to work with Activity Subject only
  • Fixed in Mobile API where Student name was showing the one is registered with their Account Profile not the actual name on system
  • Fixed Bug in API Account Call when is fall with users has no student code
  • Fixed Error with Gradebook which has no students is throwing Chinese error from elementio localization is changed now to English
  • Fixed Issue in HOD where You can't remove all subjects from HOD is not all subjects can be removed from HOD
  • Attachments in Create New Assignment is only Shown when Teacher click on Notify Students
  • Fixed The Number of Students who will receive notification in Create Assignment to only show who actual will receive the PM
  • Revert Login is now redirecting you back to the last page you've been on before you use LoginAs
  • Moderator got back access to Newsletters until Next SCL Update which will introduce Customization Users Access & Privileges
  • Increased Maximum Single File Upload at Private Storage from 10MB to 50MB
  • Reducing Line height in parent registration as is not compatible with 1366*768 screens
  • Removing Sessions IP Matching from Default Settings Configuration
  • Changed Student Text answer from showing in a label to show in better clean textarea with auto expandable
  • Toggling Sidebar is now saving the state on user session
  • Added New Method to Services to fix Missing Users avatar during Replication
  • Fixed Issue with Generating Student code was sorting wrong Alphanumeric format
  • Homeroom attendance UX Improvements
  • Removed Transition/Animation on Scrolling Legacy Gradebook
  • Fixed Legacy Gradebook Header height was incorrect when start scrolling
  • Changes in Gradebook at Student Dashboard
  • removed Delete from contacts in Parent Dashboard

Post Patches

SCL Post Patches are Updates within the same major update which could introduce hotfix, minor features, or a security issue

Patch 901

Release Date: 08 October 2019

  • HOD can now log in as Any Teacher under their Coordinator List
  • Student names can be automatically formatted from System Settings » General

Patch 902

Release Date: 09 October 2019

  • Added Icon in Class List to Message Parent

Patch 904

Release Date: 10 October 2019

  • Interactive Assignment Default MCQ/MRQ Answers skeleton become 4 instead of 3

Patch 908

Release Date: 23 October 2019

  • Removed Student Management - Legacy Edition

Patch 909

Release Date: 27 October 2019

  • Fixed Issue with both Next & Legacy UI Gradebook with Warning Enabled where Selecting Quarter is Incorrect

Patch 910

Release Date: 03 November 2019

  • Typo with Skills Assessments Objectives been fixed

Patch 912

Release Date: 05 November 2019

  • Fixed Calendar Picker where is not showing Year