4.0 Changelog

Release Date XX-XX-2019

SCL 4.0 is a Summer Update Will Include New Way of Assigning HOD to Their Teachers Group, Scope & Sequence, Lesson Planning, and Interactive Assessments, Quizzes & Submissions.

New Features

  • Replacing Teacher Coordinator by new reworked Head Of Department which introduce new Selection Logic
  • Added Scope & Sequence
    • Managing Subject Units
    • Managing Unit Objectives
    • Managing Scope & Sequence Entries
    • Predefined Objectives Management
    • Sortable Objectives
    • Setting Timeframe
    • Showing Scope & Sequence in School Calendar
  • Added Grade Name & Class Name Next to Children Names on Private Message Parent Indicator
  • Added New Report for Archived Gradebook Assignments for Previous Academic Year
  • Added Interactive Assignment (Quizzes Builder or Assignment Submission)
    • Creating Questions (Interactive Assignment Builder)
      • Question Type
        • Multiple Choice
        • Multiple Response
        • File
        • Text
      • Ability to Insert Images & Videos Link in the Question
      • Ability to Select which answer is correct for Automation Score Submissions
      • Automatically Calculate Assignment Total Points based on Questions Points

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Multiselection Search is returned back after some UI issues got fixed
  • Added Migrating from Teacher Coordinator to Head Of Department
  • Reducing the usages of JS UI Libraries for faster load
  • Added Confirmation on Re-Enrollment a Transferred Out Student
  • Alert & Notification on SCL Web are now by default have a hidden button for disappearing the alerting message
  • Inbox Messages is now sorted by Message Last Update Date instead of Message Created Date
  • Added Priority to Subjects to Help Personalize The Sorting of Subjects
  • Improved Subjects to Sort by Subject Priority First, Core then Subjects Name.
  • Reversing Incident Description Sorting to be compatible with the previous behavior pointing system update
  • Behaviour - Incident Description is now Searchable
  • UX Improvement - Changing Readonly inputs to be colorless instead of confusing grey as is Disabled Input.
  • UX Improvement - Saving State of 'Notify students with this assignment' in Creating Assignment on Form Validation Error