3.9 Changelog

Release Date 3-3-2019

SCL 3.9 is going to be the last update for SCL version 3 and is going to Include bug fixes and post patches for SCL 3 Stability, this version will add some new functionality to SCL API v1, and Mobile Application update for supporting the latest SCL features for both web and mobile application.

New Features (Mobile)

  • Added Registration button
  • URL Links in Private Messages are now clickable and they Open in System Browser
  • Added Grade Letter from Grading Scale to Gradebook Summary
  • Gradebook & Assignment Progress bar has been replaced with a dynamic meter with 3 color indicator red/yellow/green
  • Added Open Web SCL button in Dashboard for All SCL Users Staff
  • Dashboard Absences Progress bar has been replaced with dynamic meter element with colors in reverse orders
  • Added Student Progress Report
  • Added Behaviour now Display to Parent who has resolved incidents with their children
  • Private Storage
    • Storage Files and Folders Browser with breadcrumbs of opened folders
    • Open Youtube In System Browser or in App if is Installed
    • All Users Included Parent & Students can only Download and List Files & Folders in Private Storage - To upload use the Web version
  • Launched Unified SCL Mobile Application for free supported all schools along with the current branded SCL mobile
  • Ability to force Users to Update to the latest mobile application if is configured from SCL System Settings
  • Added blue check icon for seen message

New Features (Web)

  • Student Code is now Auto-generated for new Enroll Students, you can turn it off from System Settings » Admission
  • Mail settings are now supporting Encryption methods such as 'None, TLS, SSL'
  • Show Students Today's & Tomorrow's Birthdays on Teacher Dashboard
  • Parent can now track their children behaviour at school and only see the resolved incidents, this can be turned off from System Settings
  • Can Control the settings of Forcing Users to use latest SCL Mobile App
  • Private Storage Disk space Increased to 1GB per User
  • Added Colors Indicators to Behaviour Incidents Depend on their status
  • Added Account Management to Students Affairs
  • Added Ability to Quick Transfer or Re-enroll Student from Student Affairs
  • Added Transfers Out Report

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fixed unread Messages on the mobile application at minor cases show the number of unread messages by negative
  • Fixed Teachers Users search on composing new message where when searching for a certain name doesn't work with School Staff
  • Fixed Private Storage Sharing security was conflicting with a sub subdirectory downloads which affected Parent and Students
  • Account Profile when an email has already existed through error instead of receiving MySQL error
  • User Profile has been slightly UX updated
  • Can't Enroll Student from Admission unless the applicant current phase is set to Paid
  • Fixed Parent » Manage Contacts in Students where the search wasn't performing
  • Fixed using Single or Multi quotes on Assignment Name, now Assignment name is got trimmed on Manage/Create Assignment
  • Fixed Assignment which has 0 as a score doesn't show in Next Gradebook
  • Changed Student DOB Column to Date instead of legacy character and added backwards compatibility with the admission form & Enrolling
  • Fixed Bug in Admission GENERAL STATISTICS where Total was getting total of all applicants not of all admission column only
  • Added Vertical Total in Admission GENERAL STATISTICS for better User Experience
  • Behaviour Pointing Calculation got replaced and now Negative Points for Demerit and Positive for Merits
  • Huge Improvements & Optimization for Both SCL iOS & Android
  • Showing Gradebook scores of Division based on British Report card
  • Moved Select Quarter of Mobile Gradebook to be With Gradebook Summary
  • Fixed Message Seen when the first thread doesn't show as seen from the first attempt.
  • Added Suspend & Unsuspend Account to ParentCRUD made in reactjs
  • Converted “Users » Students” to SCL 3.x reactCRUD Form, forcing users to use the Students Information Tabs instead of legacy forms.
  • Moved Private Storage Icon from Dropdown User Menu to Top menu next to Calendar & Private Messages
  • Fixed Datetime in Messages Inbox to adjusted to System Datetime
  • Fixed Issue with Behaviour Incidents Disappear if User or Incident Response is Deleted
  • Fixed Seen Date in Private Message where is keep update the seen date on every time the message is seen
  • Fixed Datetime in Assignments Due Date to adjusted to System Datetime
  • Fixed AddDropChains bug where is failing when no Selected Grades for Course Selection
  • Added By ability to turn On/Off eBooks from System Settings
  • Removed Pagination from MissingGradebookScore Report

3.9-Patch 1 Changelog

Release Date 06-03-2019

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Added Share URL To Private Storage
  • Changed Embedded Screen in Private Storage to use 75% of screen width and height
  • Added Embedded URL in Mobile Application
  • Fixed Gradebook issue where Some Teacher Group have no weight is not clickable in Mobile Application
  • Added Exactly same Icons in Private Storage Web version to Mobile Application