3.8 Changelog

Release Date 02-02-2019

New Features

  • Gradebook
    • Gradebook Preferences Per Teacher
      • Can Change The Ordering Of Assignments to be Descending or Ascending to Due Date
      • Assignments Filtration (Can Show by Current Month or Week or bring all Term/Quarter Assignments)
      • Can Disable Gradebook Colors
      • Ability to Switch between the Legacy Gradebook or the New Reworked Gradebook
    • Reworked Assignment Module
      • Creating Assignment For Multiple Teacher Groups
      • Reworked Form Submission & Validation
      • responsive & Mobile Compatible
  • Absences Type now have a new feature to appear on Report card for certain selected types
  • Totally New reworked Gradebook to overcome the current UI Issues and more compatible with most devices and screens
  • Private Storage
    • Private Storage is Now Available for all Users
    • Only Staff can Upload files, directories, and subdirectories.
    • Free 100 Mb Private Storage for each Staff User (SCL Trial Edition)
    • Free 250 Mb Private Storage for each Staff User (SCL Standard Edition)
    • Ability to easily add Youtube Videos
    • Teachers Can Share their Folders with their own selection of Teacher Groups
    • Students can Access & Download only what Teachers Shared per their Assigned Teachers Groups
    • Parent can directly access their children Private Storage
  • Any URL sent in Private Messages is now clickable to open on new Window
  • Parent can now Create a new Message with Coordinator Teachers of their children's teachers.

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Students » Courses Updated to be 2 Column Per Page instead of 3 columns which was not compatible with small screens
  • Improved Manage Assignments UX and made it Mobile Compatible
  • Manage Absences Improvements
  • Absences Type Icon has been Removed
  • Live Chat Support in SCL for Super Administrator has been Removed
  • Improved UI of Profile & Change Password
  • Fixed MISSING ASSIGNMENT MARKS Report where Students who moved Teacher Group was not excluded
  • Fixed MISSING ASSIGNMENT MARKS Report to exclude the transfer-out and Dropping Teacher Group Students
  • Copy to all in Manage Assignments is not added to all Inputs instead of First Input only
  • Getting Gradebook Assignments & Scores has been Optimized
  • Fixed Gradebook Date Formation to configured with Date Format in System Settings
  • Teachers Dashboard become compatible with all phones and other devices screen sizes
  • Report card Subjects Sorting is now Alphabetically by Cores Subjects first then Alphabetically Non-Core subjects
  • All Textareas within SCL became auto expandable
  • Removed the Exclusion of British Report card to have Earned Grades in Gradebook and let it configurable from Grading Scale.
  • Fixed Time in Date Model to use 24hrs Method instead of 12hrs.
  • General Comment doesn't show it is empty at British Report cards
  • Fixed GPA in Final grade where the problem appears in some cases where 1 or more of Quarters has nulled score and break the Final GPA.
  • Progressbar in the Class list & Homeroom attendance been replaced by HTML5 Meter
  • EOL - Dropped SCL Legacy Theme
  • Added Student DOB, Gender & Religion to Parent Informations Report
  • Added Different Icon and Color for Folder Sharing Button when is this folder is currently shared to some teacher group

3.8-Patch 1 Changelog

Release Date 04-02-2019

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fixed Accountant Dashboard where when you suspend account you get access denied
  • Added Accountant Interface as Option for Administrator to access from Users » Parent » Manage Parent Account Suspension
  • Fixed Bug in Next Gradebook where single quota in Student name break the rendering and doesn't show the gradebook
  • Added to System Cron a new Function to Set Students account to active if their parent account is Active
  • If The New created Assignment was only assigned to 1 Teacher Group is going to redirect Teacher to their Teacher Group Again