Release Date 20-10-2018

New Features:

  • Progress Report
    • Administrator
      • Progress Report Control is Per School Grade can be found at School » Grades
      • Manageable Columns Dataset
      • Manageable Values Dataset
      • Added Progress Report in Students Information System (SIS) with the ability to View or Print it
      • Progressive Generating Progress Report in PDF and Sending it to Student's Parent
      • Added Message Template to Progress Report
    • Teacher
      • rework of Teacher Dashboard UX
      • Teacher Manage Progress Report Entries
      • Administrator & Coordinator can readonly Progress Report Entries
  • Teacher Gradebook size has been adjusted and the action button has been relocated and added Gradebook Letters Indicators for Better UX
  • Private Message supported to have Predefined Messages Template
  • Push Notification large icon will use User or System Avatar instead of only system avatar on new messages or replies.
  • Changed Datepicker in most pages instead of Browser Native Date or old confusion Datedropper we use now a much cleaner datepicker
  • In Gradebook New assignments first category is unselected to make teacher be sure on their category selection
  • Student merit and demerits is now calculated and displayed in the Student Information System (SIS) behavior box
  • Added Private Messages Log in Reports with the ability to know which the newsletter has been sent by which user.
  • Added Private Message in Newsletter Messages Type when Sending To All Users or Teachers.
  • Added Private Message to Users Single Message for all Groups if you message them is will use school name exactly as in a newsletter
  • Added Retract Messages in Messages Report where you can Retract all kind of selected message by deleting it.


Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Changing Grades minimum_sessions, maximum_sessions and maximum_ap columns to be nullable
  • Fixed School Calendar Form Validation where is invalid required for Event type even if is selected
  • Fixed Messages Search in Inbox where when performing search in Inbox it redirects to messages Outbox
  • Fixed Issue wherein the new form you can't remove all Teachers from the Coordinator Field
  • Fixed Gradebook, Class Attendance UI where Bottom has Blank Space
  • Gradebook Security Improved in UI Logic has no effect permission on the database
  • Fixed wherein Year Settings you can't add unlock grading
  • Changed Gradebook, Class Attendance Resolution to become lower and more fitted in the same page
  • Admission Reports UX Improvement
  • Incidents & Create Incident UX Improvement
  • Changed Admission Manage Status to the new data management table
  • Saving Behaviour Merit points by Negative for insanely seamless calculation
  • Converted any previous Merit points to be by Negative
  • added new Incident Response 'Apply Merit' to help Teachers to accept any Merit
  • Removed “Delete Incident” from Teacher, Only Moderator & Admin Can delete any incident
  • Improved Sidebar Search and Stripping out any kind of whitespaces
  • Administrator Without superadmin privileges can Manage Teacher Coordinator
  • Changed Users Parents to the new data management table