Release Date 09-09-2018

New Features:

  + Library Module
      + Borrow / Return Book
      + Retrieving All Book Information and Saving it Locally By Looking up using Book ISBN
      + Logging Borrow Date, Return Date, Student Information, Book ISBN, Book Copy Code (Optional)
      + Reworking of Users Management UI/UX "All Users"
      + Restoring Student from TransferOut is now getting current school academic year

Bugs Fixes:

  + Resolving some minor issues with SMS Module
  + Added Newsletter Form Validation
  + Increasing Classroom number to 8 variable characters instead of 4 integer
  + Converting Student Bus Number from 4 Integer to 8 Variable characters
  + Fixed Where new added students does not have the Sample Student Picture added
  + Fixed Absences Message was disappearing when student has no absences
  + Showing Academic Year in Students, Fixed where Student code wasn't saving
  + Fixed legacy transfer out which was using Student Code and replacing it with Student ID
  + Migration Transferout from Student Code to Student ID
  + Creating created_by column to store user id submitted the transfer out, Adding updated_date, updated_by
  + Reworked of Transfers List, Schools List, Transferout (Functionality to be based on Student ID)