3.1 Changelog

Release Date 11-07-2018

+ Added Grades Short Name
+ Added Classroom Number as Optional Column in Teachers Group
+ TimeTables
    + aSc TimeTables Integration (Still In Beta)
        + Exporting from SCL to aSc TimeTables
        + Selecting which data to export to aSc Timetables XML
+ Much more improvements to make SCL a mobile web browser compatible and friendly
+ Private Message now has Message Seen at Date & time for all users
+ Fixed problem where you can't fetch the report card of previous school division i.e: student switched from American to IB and can't see old American Report Cards.
+ Grade Name, School Division has been added to List of Reports Card
+ New Features for Reportcard in Summer Course now can be calculated the legacy way of just putting passing score or average between final grade and summer course with the maximum score for it