Release Date 19-04-2020

  • Interactive Assignment has new features
    • Shuffle Questions
    • Shuffle Answers
    • Show Results, at the end date of Interactive Assignment student can see the correct and incorrect answers he made
    • Ability to submit Answers for the timed out students who didn't submit all their answers
    • Added Tools for WYSIWYG Question Editor [Superset, subset, strikethrough, ordering list]
    • Ability for Teachers to leave Marking Feedback on Student Answers
    • Student can see Teacher Marking Feedback
    • Teacher can Copy Assignment with another teacher teaching the same subject
    • Check similarity Tool in Text Answers among other students answers
      • Only showing above 75% Similarity by default
      • Only Check Similarity of answer from the same Subject
      • Similarity Percentage control from Grading ยป Grading Settings to override the default 75%

  • Added Permissions for Course Action
  • Fixed Issue with submission decimal number the autocorrect function was only excepting integer numbers
  • Added permission for Course Selection [Modify] which is responsible for controlling revoke at student selection
  • Improved Assignment Icon for Teacher when is past the end date
  • Sessions expiration time has been increased from 30 minutes to 120 minutes for a better user experience
  • Fixed Interactive Assignment answers does not show double quote
  • Improved Gradebook Summary when is disabled is now doesn't show Scores or Open grade book to allow other activities to be enabled such as Virtual Classrooms or Messaging Teacher
  • Improving Newsletter on form error validation to keep all form data without starting all over, still required to re-upload files
  • Answers in Interactive Assignment is now showing that has 255 characters limit
  • Removed the block of disallowing user going back on Newsletter
  • Student will not able to register a new account if the parent account is suspended
  • Fixed Interactive Assignment Bottom margins

Post Update #1

Release Date 21-04-2020

  • Created Integrity check for Shuffling Questions & Answers to avoid student bug where can't see all questions
  • Improved Similarity functionality security
  • Fixed Bug in Similarity where it couldn't accept equal sign
  • Improved loading speed of Interactive Assignment

Post Update #2

Release Date 24-04-2020

  • Added Pagination and Search in Assignments List
  • Added Earned Grade in Student Assignments List
  • Added Average Earned Grade in Teacher Students List
  • Added Attribute for Shuffle Questions & Answers