Release Date 1-12-2019

SCL 4.2 will introduce two of the major features which been on our roadmap since 2017 and one of key solution for maximum flexibility

  1. Access Control List
    1. Administrator, Teachers, Parent & Students Group will be core system group cannot be deleted only modified
    2. Ability to Create & Customize new User Groups
      1. Permissions Management READ, WRITE, DELETE
      2. Limiting Some Modules Access to be Based on selected School Grades Only for following
        1. Admission
        2. Newsletter
        3. Behavior
        4. for rest of the modules will be covered in the update after this.
    3. backward compatible with current SCL Users Groups with the ability to get rid or delete any Users Group
    4. Replacing all Hard Delete with Soft Delete in most CRUD Modules
  2. System Logging
    1. New Module will get rid of any previous Logging solutions in SCL
    2. More descriptive & informational
  • ACL Functionality
  • Added Users Group with Ability to Define Access/Write/Modify/Delete for each method registered within SCL
  • Introducing New File Format Icons in Private Messages
  • Bye Bye Superadmin, Superadmin is removed in SCL 4.2
  • Introducing Users Group Based on School Grades Supporting The Following Modules
    • Admission - Applicants
    • Admission - Schedule Report
    • Behaviours - Incidents
    • Class List
    • Newsletter
    • Students List
    • Students Information System
    • Users Groups !!! Carefully for Applying it for Administrator
    • Most Reports
    • School Subjects
    • Teachers Groups
    • Printing Reportcard
    • Reportcard Templates Managements
    • Grace Marks
  • Class List Right Menus have been minimalistic to Only have Student Information Clinic Visits & Send Message to Parent
  • Administrator STATISTICS Dashboard has finally received an update after 5 years !! now you can have more info on
    • Interactive Assignments
    • Private Messages
    • Private Storage
    • Clinic Visits Per Today & Current Academic Year
    • Absences Per Today & Current Academic Year
  • New reworked Users Logs very easy to read (formerly unreadable access_log)
    • Does Log Full User data, given a short description and saving data, IP address, and timestamp
    • Logs will only be retained for 30 Days no longer then it will be automatically removed
    • Users Logs will be triggered & logging the following Events
      • User Authentication
      • Student Courses Changes
      • Student Profile
      • Year Promoting
      • Generating Reportcard
      • Admission Applicants
      • Login As
      • Creating new Student
      • Users Users Management
      • Teachers Users Management
      • Parents Users Management
      • Student Enrollment
      • Behaviours
      • Absences
      • Parent Contacts
      • School Subjects
      • Teachers Groups
      • Subject Grading Categories
      • User Profile
      • Change Password
      • Assignment Creation & Deletion
      • Forgot Password
      • Users Groups
    • Users Logs Filtration applying highlight and bold on important keywords within users Logs for an easy way to investigate
    • Automatically Refresh Button for Monitoring
  • Copy Group Permissions to another created Users Group
  • Create New SMS & Email templates for Parent Interview Schedule update
  • Added Grading Categories average percentages on Legacy Gradebook theme
  • All Scores on Legacy Gradebook become Interactively calculating once you edit or add any Student Grade without the need of a refresh
  • Added New Teacher Report “Export Gradebook Scores”
  • Admission updates
    • New Form controls have been added (required activation from Admission » Form Control)
      • Second Language
      • If the Student required bus transportation
      • Assessment Schedule slots can be School Grades based, to Enable this go to System Settings » Admission

  • Left Menu background color changed to dark
  • Decreasing Page Size by decreasing the number of Javascript to be imported for faster load
  • Fixed Issue with Admission DOB Field was incorrect
  • Fixed Datepicker conflict with Fontawesome Icons
  • Promoting Year Auto Assign Student to Group Fixes, Improvement for not proceeding Promoting Year Action with 0 Job
  • To get rid of Superadmin Functionality, Superadmin is no longer will able Edit Teacher Gradebook
  • Optimizing School Subjects Database for its first load to load in 50 times faster than in previous SCL version
  • Fixed Issue in SCL Mobile App where HOD can't reply to certain Private Messages
  • Fixed Issue where Users who don't have registered contacts can't receive Private Messages from Newsletter
  • Removed Keyword 'Class' at Parent dashboard from both SCL Mobile & Web
  • Optimizing Teacher Dashboard queries for better performance & startup
  • Fixed Issue with ordering Assignments in very rare cases
  • Left menu is scrolling to the targetted clicked Module
  • Increasing speed of SCL Loading and decreasing the Theme Loader timeout to 0 instead of 3 seconds
  • Integrated new Responsive lightbox to SCL iframe elements
  • School calendar height become responsive and compatible with all screen sizes
  • Added Grade name & Grading Category Name next to Assignment name in New Assignment Notification
  • Interactive Assignment UX Improved
  • Changed Group Description with Group Name in dashboard
  • Prevented Gradebook Export To CSV to any gradebook has empty scores
  • Fixed Gradebook Export To CSV Ordering to always group assignments by their category
  • Fixed Gradebook Export CSV to have supported the Gradebook Preference and Filteration
  • Now at SIS Module, Behaviour show the past History of Student Incidents
  • Fixed API Issue to allow User can re-login using same Device ID without getting the error code 1080