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 ++ Introducing all in one student information (Student Affairs) gonna be found as Students in Left Menu 
 +    + Totally reworked on new User Experience 
 +    + Searching there is realtime with student code or student name 
 +    + Adding Total Students stats for Enrolled, Alumni and Transferred out 
 +    + now we have student picture to be separated from user profile picture with maximum file size 2MB 
 +    + Old Users >> Students will be remain the same 
 +    + Added Student Documents & Files where you can store your digital copies of your student documents 
 ++ Introducing Behaviour Module was built on effective way for both Teacher & Administrative office 
 +    + You Can Demerit and Merit students 
 +    + Teachers Can Create Incident 
 +    + Manageable & Predefined Pointing System 
 +    + Manageable Action Response 
 +    + Indicator number of Pending Incidents 
 ++ Added Students Search in Administrator Dashboard for Quick Access 
 ++ Minor Fixes in Summer Course 
 ++ Minor Fixes in Reportcards template 
 ++ Adjusting Clinic Visits UI to be compatible with mobile browsers 
 ++ Deprecating "Users >> Students" in 3.3 and will be only created users instead 
 ++ Added Preventing for Duplicating submitting by disabling submit button after used 
 ++ Fixed Issue with change password was not working in V3 
 ++ Added Messages search in Web Application 
 ++ Added more icons for Private Message Attachment and added smart quick method to deploy any new icon 
 ++ Ability to send to multiply users 
 ++ Add Student Grade in Send To