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 +=== 3.0 Changelog === 
 ++ New UI with Bootstrap 4 
 ++ Improving performance on loading new Theme 
 ++ DataTables is now support PDF, XLS, CSV, Print, Column Visibility & Copying rows to clipboard 
 ++ Admission Reports is revamped to Support Multi school Division, UI Improvement. 
 ++ School Calendar 
 ++ Calendar Types & Colors is now mfull managed 
 ++ Online Instant Live Support for Administrator with Super Admin Access. 
 ++ Logout from All Devices is now a Kill Switch on Both Web & Mobile Application 
 ++ Added Notes to Admission Application 
 ++ Forget Password 
 ++ Fixed Created On date in Creating Users 
 ++ a lot of Security Improving within Authentication & Signup Libraries 
 ++ New Experience in Private Messaging 
 +    + Now Supporting Thumbnails preview for the attached file 
 +    + Better Display 
 ++ Rework of Teacher Gradebook to be more organized and clean with Added 3 rows header contain Grading value, Assignment Name, Due Date 
 ++ Now Gradebook when you press tab is cycle vertically instead of horizontally previously 
 ++ Sort Assignments by Grading category & assignment due date from oldest to newest 
 ++ Every Grading Category in Gradebook has a color 
 ++ Showing who's is school absence in Gradebook 
 ++ many Fixes and rework to make SCL version 3 Mobile compatibility